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In order to create your personalised cake topper I will require lots of information and photos which can be sent to [email protected]

The more information you provide.. the more detail I can add to personalise your topper and reflect your personality, hobbies, career etc.

Once you have booked your commission please send the info as soon as you can, I will require the details at least 4 weeks before your topper is required.

Information & pics can be sent as early as they are available, your details will be stored in your folder ready for when I commence work on your cake topper.

Once I have all your details I will liase closely with you by email throughout the process and upon completion final pics will be sent for your approval.

Please see below a check list for Wedding cake toppers

Close up pics of Bride & groom,Please confirm eye & hair colour

 Is there any height difference between Bride & Groom

Pics & details of Bride`s wedding dress

Pics & details of Bride`s head dress& veil where appropriate

Details of Bride`s bouquet

Details/pics of Bride`s hairstyle

Details & pics of Groom`s wedding attire i.e suit, shirt, tie/cravat & shoes

Details of Groom`s buttonhole

Pose for Bride & Groom, looking straight ahead/glancing towards each other? holding hands?

Your choice of colour for the topper base to compliment your top tier,Diameter of top tier, so that I can work out size of topper base to suit